Commercial Projects

Alexandria Electric has long been the choice of commercial establishments for all their electrical requirements. Our diverse background in commercial services is the reason we continue to satisfy our current customers as well as continuing to attract new ones. Our commercial projects include churches, schools, recreational parks, assisted living complexes, health care facilities, and restaurants. We are happy to handle work ranging from minor service calls to major construction projects.

Lighting Retrofits

We help customers take advandage of current rebates, energy savings, environmental impact and better lighting systems for their facility and applications. Our staff is knowledgeable and educated to help our customers get the best balance of all aspects of lighting and rebates. We have saved customers substantial amounts of energy consumption. 88% of the cost to operated a light is the energy consuption. Contact us today to have us come and see if we can help you save on your energy costs. We also can help save by installing VFD on motors for fans and pumps to reduce energy costs. We also can install capacitor banks on the service to help correct a lagging power factor and help motors run more efficient. We also can assess your building lighting and install a motion sensor to save when the area is not occupied.

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